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Poly Coating Solutions, LLC specializes in the application of polyurea coatings as supplied by VersaFlex.

Our coatings vary in design and performance and are designed to meet a wide array of needs, depending on the product required for a particular task. With our training and field experience, we are well suited to recommend the proper product and application for best long term results.

Some of the product and service we offer include polyurea repair material, fast set polyurea spray coatings as well as rapid curing polyurea elastomer sealants.

Latest Polymer Technology

Polyurea incorporates the latest polymer technology and has already created inroads into replacing older and now outdated polymers. As the success of polyurea gains widespread acceptance and awareness, new markets are being explored and created both commercial and the industrial arena.

Polyurea flexible fillers are both tough and flexible and team up very well with polyurea protective spray membranes that give new meaning to elastomeric, showing properties that include high elongation as well as much higher tear strength than previously available.

The now proven polyurea sealants that are specifically engineered to be self-leveling are working well when used as joint fillers in sawn joints, expansion/contraction joint sealers and perform well as construction joint sealants in both interior and exterior applications.

Modern engineering has allowed the development of specially formulated low temperature curing polyurea elastomers that are designed to be applied at temperatures as low as -20° F, making polyurea ideal for use in freezers and cold storage facilities without costly shut down scenarios.

A Variety of Solutions

PCS uses a variety of both rapid curing and self-leveling polyurea repair material when performing repairs on existing infra-structure. These special formulations are used to fill voids or to correct joint face damages and function well when used as an elastomer end dam on bridge decks, concrete slabs and parking decks.

For the ultimate in performance, you may want to consider fast set polyurea spray coatings and polyurea liners that have been tested for application at temperatures in the range of -40° F. Designed to be used successfully on most substrates, fast set VersaFlex spray polyurea is often the material of choice for a coating or liner for concrete and metal roofs, tanks, decks, parking structure traffic membranes, dampproofing, below grade waterproofing, general containment ponds or lagoons.

We have fast set spray polyurea coatings that are engineered to be resistant to some jet fuels, as are all the polyurea sealant and repair products. Polyurea is especially suitable as a flexible liner or membrane in the containment of sewage and wastewater. Its high abrasion resistance makes polyurea ideal for transmission of most liquids containing a high percentage of suspended solids.

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