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A Proven System

We use a field proven “industrial grade” 100% pure polyurea system. It is a spray applied industrial coating that guards against rust, corrosion and other damages caused by using your truck as a truck. Once applied, the coating dries quickly and forms a barrier that prevents water and corrosion from hurting your truck. The coating can be finished off with stipple effect that helps in preventing cargo from sliding around and denting your truck bed. The coating is resistant to the damaging effects of the sun and will not chip, crack, peel or curl up on the edges, thus providing both long term good looks and protection.

The spray-on coating is also excellent for many different types of equipment protection. The high performance characteristics are a result of the strong physical properties of the coating as well as excellent abrasion resistance and complete waterproofing of your coated equipment. The spray applied coating does not have seams and cannot leak. The coating is bonded to the steel for impeccable corrosion protection. The applied finish has a stippled texture and looks good as it protects your equipment investment.

Poly Coating works Great For:

  • Trucks
  • Mining Equipment
  • Log Trailers
  • Utility Pumps and Trenchers
  • Stationary Generator Roof Coating
  • Hoppers and Coal Chutes

Great for Bedliners

Poly Coating Solutions applied bedliners are both durable and long-lasting. The coating permanently bonds to the truck bed or other equipment and stands up to impact from rocks, tool boxes, or any other cargo you are hauling. The coating will maintain these tough properties in any temperature. The coatings will not chalk or quickly fade from the sunlight.

VersaFlex Innovation

For over 20 years, our material supplier, VersaFlex, has been engineering and delivering high performance polyurea systems for the worlds most demanding industrial markets such as tank linings, secondary containment liners, military, potable water and wastewater coatings and linings, joint fillers, bridge deck membranes and more.

The truck bed industry hasn’t seen a new technology or exciting product for years. VersaFlex breaks this trend by proudly introducing ROUGHGUARD® XT 100% pure industrial grade polyurea as our standard truck bedliner / vehicle protection product. Most bed liner brands, offer a line of pure polyurea (some are not even pure polyurea) as their premier flagship top of the line, high priced product. Not the same with ROUGHGUARD® XT. Every drop of ROUGHGUARD™ XT is commercial industrial grade 100% pure polyurea.

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