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Poly Coating Solutions offers the most advanced polyurea coatings available.

This new breed of coatings easily surpass the coatings previously used and have quickly become proven performers that are ideally suited for the oil and gas industry.

The polyurea coatings in use today are designed to produce the best in a number of areas, namely, physical properties, moisture and rust protection, and longevity. The PCS coatings are straight forward to apply and predictable in their performance, resulting in a savings of both time and money.

How can we help your company? The answer is quite simple really. We can save you time and money.

Pipes, pipelines, tanks and equipment are expensive to replace once they have been corroded and their structural integrity has been compromised. We help you prevent corrosion and we are often called in to renew damaged surfaces where previous coatings have failed, often at a fraction of what replacement would cost.

Modern polyurea coatings can be direct applied to steel, making them an ideal anticorrosion coating product for most surfaces found in the field.

  • Pipes and pipelines
  • Interior Tank Coatings and secondary containment
  • Fuel storage
  • Repair of leaking tanks and pipes
  • Erosion control and well head containment

The Perfect Containment Solution

Our line of polyurea coatings are also perfect for lining primary and secondary containment in a variety of settings to include – steel, non-woven and woven textile fabric, as well as concrete.

Primary containment often refers to the lining on the inside of the storage vessel. This lining is in direct contact with the material being contained in the tank. Whether it is a water storage tank, oil storage tank, or industrial storage tank, we have a lining that will stand up to the tough conditions encountered in the oil & gas industry.

Secondary Containment is designed to prevent liquids from going where they don’t belong. Whether the subject matter is unintentional release of stored liquids or a system designed and placed to contain liquids within a job site. Secondary containment separate from primary containment and plays an important role in maintaining environmental control onsite.

Money-Saving Systems

PCS has developed systems and techniques that Oil & Gas companies can utilize to save money, reduce the cost associated with man power and cut the time associated with installing Secondary Containment in the oil fields.

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